Places of Note

[D-4] Temple of Erastil: Jhod now resides at the temple of Erastil. He will be in charge of religious holiday celebrations for the Deity of Erastil. He offers healing and the possibility of a raise dead if the party needs one. Most of his days he transports supplies to the new temple and works on cleaning it up from the centuries of decay. He hopes to make it a bastion for Erastil worshipers.

[F-4] Gold Mine: Some minor work and it could be brought back up to working order.

Stag Lord’s Fort: Location Unknown

[E-4] Bandit Camp: Could be used as a logging camp with some clean up.

[E-3] Radish Patch: Kobold hang out spot. Might be valuable to find the Kobolds that have been causing problems.

[E-6] Fangberry Thicket: Possible farming ground. Somebody has to keep Bokken juiced up…

[C-4] Shrine to Gozreh: A small shrine to Gozreh in a small clearing by a stream. Safe place to rest for the party.

Places of Note

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