IT BEGAN ON THE 31st of Pharast. Now two months into their campaign against the stolen lands, a party member has become bitten by a werewolf. They have discovered the Kobolds lair and have been tasked with retrieving the a magical statue. They have dug deeper into the Sootscale political turmoil. With the Help of Coach Vic they have invented PITBALL. Will the party survive to play a game at their Kingdoms 1 year anniversary? One has already died, more likely to follow. Join us Sunday nights for the continuing story of KINGMAKER.

The first baron of the Kingdom of Larevith died fighting a scourge of wights that haunted the land. Funeral date TBA. Dead is Thalian Shadow-Eye. He leaves behind a son and his wife Baroness Nysisa Shadow-Eye. He leaves behind a kingdom that he helped forge and was beloved by his people all across the land. His roots began as a bandit and he rose to be a leader, a father, and a husband. He will be missed by all.

Krom has become bitten by a werewolf and infected with the curse of Lycanthropy. Will he cure it? Can he tame the beast within? Is this the retribution of Gozreh the God he forsook? Will Erastil his new diety and his new found love of community shun such a monstrosity?


CHARACTERS! Tartuk, Chief Sootscale, Nakpik etc.
SHOP LIST! Oleg’s has a new shipment in!
LOCATIONS! All in one place with information attached.
QUESTS! Oleg need Svetlana’s Ring, she says she’s fine but when women say that they’re lying!
Also, I have prepared Weckyolf. it’s usable. (you don’t want it useable.)
take a look at your wiki.

Update Adventure Logs, party.
Bake Cookies.


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