Vic "Of the Many Titles"

Vic is a handsome half-elf bard, he has many fans, and is pleasant person to be around.


Vic was born to a human mother, Rosalyn, who fell in love with an elf man. The elf, Merisiel, also loved Rosalyn, but knew their love could not be in his community. In the end Merisiel chose his people over his loved one. Merisiel knew his decision would break Rosalyn’s heart, so he gifted her with a child, before he told her his decision. Surprisingly to Merisiel, Rosalyn took the news well, and let him be. To this day the two never stop thinking about one another, yet neither one made any attempts to contact the other.

Vic grew up with his mother, who never found a husband, held back by her love for Merisiel. Vic never took a last name. For awhile he used his mother’s, but really wanted his father’s. Since he had never met his father he felt that taking his last name was wrong, and that his father may not like it if he heard word of it. Therefore he just quit using a last name entirely. He did however begin collecting titles. For awhile he was viewed as an outsider. To counter this, Vic simply ignored it. He was very cheerful, and stride himself on making others happy. Sometimes he was even bit of a clown, and would pull practical jokes on his friends. After awhile he was no longer viewed as an outsider. Vic made many friends, and brought a positive attitude to those around him. He learned to play the flute at a very young age, and had a strange nac for it. His mother had given him a flute that his grandfather use to play. He named his flute “Windixie”. The music he played seemed to always soothe the emotions of those around him. As he grew into a teenager he began to notice that he had the ability to cast magic, and that also the music he played was very magical. Vic would play his flute in the streets during the day, and in bars at night to make money for he and his mother. He got many adoring fans this way, and met some pretty nice ladies. (if you know what i mean)

Vic’s mother began to get ill as she aged. Doctors didn’t know what its was, or how to help. Vic did notice however that his music eased her pain. After performing on the streets, he’d come home and play at her bedside for hours. Rosalyn eventually die however, around the time of Vic’s 23rd birthday. Vic took it really hard. He ran away from society for awhile, and fell into a depressive state. His music swayed from its peaceful, joyful melody, to a gloomy mournful chorus. Vic poured his sorrow into his flute. He thought of all the times he had shared with his mother, and often thought of his father he had never met. Eventually Vic cleared his thoughts of these sad feelings. He knew his mother would want better for him. He decided he would set off on an adventure to hopefully find his father, and also maybe acuire many more fans of his music.

Vic "Of the Many Titles"