Thalian Shadoweye(deceased)


Thalian is an average looking elf, sorta, standing a mere 6 feet in height with long flowing dark brown hair. Across his right eye is a large scar that to any normal person would seem to rend his eye useless,but Thalian was lucky and thus was not struck blind. He is built like most elves with a fragile looking, yet extremely muscular body, with the ever present point elven ears, however unlike most elves, Thalian, being raised by humans, has a personality more acute to that of humans. He talks to almost every race, with the exception of those that attack him and has no real tie to his elven nature other then his looks. He was born in a noble household, but as long since shed that coat to find his own way in the world.


Story of Thalian Shadoweye
A noble at birth, born into a house of dexterity and stealth, with cunning to boot, Thalian, the youngest of four sons and being the only elf of the family, being raised by all humans, decided he was tired of what they stood for and disbanded his allegiance. His father was outraged and told him not to return until he was able to find his true heritage again and sent his three brothers on a hunt to find and, if necessary, to kill Thalian. Being the most cunning of the brothers he was able to disguise himself and leave the city safely, but for how long he did not know. He quickly took up the art of thievery and made a small amount of money stealing from shops around the local areas, and sometimes being even riskier and holding up traveling merchants. Eventually his infamy spread enough for him to join a ragtag group of Bandits, which took him under their wing and trained him to be even more cunning. He continued on with the bandits for years, until a fateful day he was confronted by a group of soldiers lead by a mysterious stranger during one of their raids. The stranger was a general of class and no other then his eldest brother, Thun. Seeing who it was Thun was filled with great rage and slayed all those around him until he stood face to face with Thalian. “Stand down you fool and rejoin your true heritage, if you do not I will be forced to kill you” roared Thun.
“I refuse to stand down and rejoin you and father at the noble house. You do nothing and your skills go to waste, by sitting and rotting within the noble house. If you want to take me back then you best be ready to kill me Thun” answered Thalian.
“Very well then Thalian, say your last prayer for you die today.”
They clashed at that moment in a heated battle. Thalian knew his brother Thun was more powerful then him and he didn’t know how to beat him. So he used his subterfuge to try and distract and throw off his brother. However in the end it did not work and Thun struck him with a strike across his right eye, however it was not enough to rend his vision from him. Thalian answered with a wicked attack at his brother’s thigh and arm. Both bleeding and battered, Thalian knew he couldn’t stand another barrage of attacks from his brother and the soldiers were closing the distance fast. “This is the end of me” thought Thalian, but right before his eyes a women appeared with more bandits and fought off Thun and the soldiers.
“I will hunt you down to the ends of the world and kill you THALIAN” screamed Thun.
Then upon hearing this Thalian blacked out. Upon waking he found himself inside a crude hut in a bed, his face was bandaged up and there was a lady sitting across from him with her back to him.
“I see you’re finally awake, you have been out for about 5 days. Do not fear, your brother made it out alive, as did you thankfully. However your face will not be the same. You have been branded with a cut across your eye, which very nearly blinded you.”
“Thank you for saving me. I can’t stay here though. I must go back and join my bandits, before they forget about me.” Thalian answered back.
“They were all obliterated; you were the only one to survive.”
“Damn you Thun, how could you do this to me”
“You are however lucky, Thalian of noble blood, for my master has offered you a chance to join our bandit group, and eventually take your revenge on your family for what they have done to you if you so choose it.”
He did join that mysterious lady that day and continued on his life of being a bandit; however the thought of vengeance was not what stirred him to join the bandits. After countless raids and fights he had earned himself a nickname that he accepted. He was to be known as, Thalian Shadoweye, from that day forth. He continued to build fame with those bandits and even eventually exceeded the mysterious lady in rank within the bandits, but something changed in him one day. He heard about the making of groups to be sent out throughout the world to make a kingdom and name for themselves. So he asked the mysterious lady to take his hand and join him in making the world anew in their eyes. She responded with a no, but told him best of luck on your journey, but to watch his back for the master and his minions. She also asked him that if the time came would he have the backbone to kill her if she was the one sent to dispose of him.
“If that time comes, then I suggest you watch your back my friend, for the man that stands before you today is and will always be known as the Shadoweye. I will have the ability and will to kill you if the time comes, however let us hope that this time does not ever come.”
With that Thalian left the bandit group and began his adventure to restore his title, but not the title that his father and brothers carried, but his own title.

Thalian Shadoweye(deceased)

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