Krom Bramblebark


Krom is a gnomish druid of average size with green and purple hair that is free flowing just barely past his shoulders, with braids and feathers spaced almost randomly thought it. He sports a beard of the same colors but with very little length to it, giving him a shaggy appearance. His large eyes are colored with a hazy sky blue that if gazed at long enough one would think they were looking into the sky. Looking at him one would notice that he seems detached from the world, almost gazing past reality, as if it wasn’t there. He normally wears very light clothing as if to not weight himself down, and under his clothing always sets a necklace made of seaweed with a single horn on it, hidden. In the same place sits a scar of about the same size, the horn seems to fit over it perfectly.


Animal Companion: Carl (Roc)
Potential NPC entities: Fey Saviors, Lyra(Lie-ruh) Quickflight (Elf) and her companion Orfodi (Pachycephalosaurus), Dragon (whom Krom has no knowledge of).

Very little is known about Krom’s birth, he himself knows only what the strange fey that watched over him have told him. The fey seem to be guardians of a druid sect that Krom was a member of. They described to Krom, when he became of age, a “Great Blaze” that overtook the whole forest where they lived. The only other thing told to Krom about the “Blaze” was that there were two survivors, himself, and a young elven druid named Lyra.

Lyra was a beautiful elven girl with thick blonde hair that reached to her mid back. Her long ears were pointed like any elf and grew straight backwards. She was average height for an elf of her age and lightly built. Lyra’s eyes were a dark forest green and they always seemed full of life, wide open and always moving, her vision seemed to be keener than the animals of the forest. She had a strange aura about her that not even the fey understood, leaves seemed to be attracted to her as if pulled by supernatural forces. Low numbers of leaves always seemed to flutter around her wherever she went and there were always a number of them stuck in her hair that seemed to randomly come out on their own and replace themselves, but impossible to move by hand. Lyra was very keen with a bow, her ability with it almost seemed to replace her druid powers, which she had little handle on.

Krom and Lyra were attached at the hip, always following each other and attempting to mirror the other. They were a very unlikely pair, Lyra, who was very adept with archery and tracking, could barely hold a spell without having great concentration. Krom on the other hand had amazing control over his druid powers as if they were second nature, but when he tried to mimic Lyra’s abilities he fell short in every aspect. The fey seemed to notice this pairing and discouraged it, telling Krom and Lyra that they had duties to different masters, Krom to Gazreh and Lyra to Erastil, in spite of the gods relations to each other, they fey still tried to keep them apart. Krom and Lyra rebelled heavily against that idea even going as far as speaking a different language to one another so that the fey couldn’t understand. The language they chose was draconic because Lyra had known it from birth and Krom quickly picked up on it.

Late into their training Krom and Lyra were allowed to go out into the woods freely to develop their bond to nature. They both seemed very bonded to the living creatures of the forest, in particular the larger beast that resided there. Lyra was always riding upon them and Krom desperately tried to mirror those actions but could rarely successfully ride an animal. Many times Krom would go out alone into the wild to try and hone his riding skills in an attempt to avoid embarrassing himself in front of Lyra. During one of Krom’s secret training sessions he was knocked off of a wild boar into a pachycephalosaurus’ nest. Lyra, who had been stalking Krom, curious to what he had been doing, sensed the impending danger, but decided it was better to observe for now. In that instant an angry mother came tearing out of nowhere and rammed her head straight into Krom’s chest, breaking off the horn on her nose and leaving it in Krom’s chest. Nearly as fast as the attack began, it ended when Lyra came flying out of the nearby tree and landed directly on the dinosaurs back in an attempt to subdue it, the beast instantly calmed down as if it was saddled by its master. Lyra was at first bewildered by the beast’s actions but quickly noticed the sign that was given to her, she leaned forward on her newly acquired mount and whispered to it “Orfodi” which to her meant “Force”. The beast stamped the ground in approval.

Krom watched the whole scene in amazement, fading in and out of consciousness. Lyra, still focused on her new mount, hadn’t taken notice to Krom’s severe wounds yet. The sky instantly turned black as if night descended upon them without notice and a gush of wind and heat forced itself upon the two druids. Both Krom and Lyra instantly sensed this familiar feeling as if they knew it by heart. Without warning Lyra spurred Orfodi towards the fey thicket without even considering her injured companion lying on the ground. Krom reached out as Lyra ran off towards the thicket before he passed out due to his injuries and the high temperature in the area.

Krom awoke in a giant nest of sticks and driftwood high in the mountains to a beak nudging his face. Reality hit him as he woke up and he ran straight forward as if trying to make it to his thicket, but was caught by the giant bird before he fell out of the nest. Krom caught his bearings and was winded by the sight that was before him, the whole forest below, his forest, was nothing but smoldering ash and there was what seemed to be a legion of warriors retreating out of the area. Krom’s heart filled with rage at the sight of the army, who he was sure the culprit. His thoughts turned to Lyra who he last remembers charging off through the flames, as he thought hard of that moment he could feel her essence still alive, but feint. Krom turned around to see a massive bird that he recognized as a roc staring back at him, with a horn attached to a seaweed necklace in its mouth. Noticing the horn Krom reached for his chest to feel a scar, obviously from the wound he had suffered. The roc draped the necklace around Krom’s neck and nudged his face. Krom reached out to touch the bird’s head and as soon as he made contact with it he said the name Carl without even thinking. The bird immediately backed up and lowered its head and wings as if ready to ride off. Krom tucked the necklace under his shirt and mounted the giant roc. He felt different on this beast, he had no fear of falling off, and it felt second nature to him, different than any of the forest creatures he had attempted to ride before. The wind kicked up behind him and blew forward as if pushing Krom in that direction, without a thought Krom spurred Carl in the same direction and set off for Lyra.

Krom Bramblebark

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