Bokken’s Potion and Elixer’s
cash reserves: 600gp

Cure Light Wounds (10) 50gp/1
Cure Moderate Wounds (5) 100gp/1
Potion of Lesser Restoration (3) 125gp/1
Potion of Shield of Faith (0) 50gp/1
Potion of Sleep[5min] (3) 200gp/1 Will DC 16
Potion of True Strike: 50gp
Potion of Fly: 750gp
Potion of Interrogation: 50gp DC 15 Fort (two questions) 1d4+1 WIS damage
-4 to bluff checks

Bokken’s Misc Bag of Potions Includes! (5) 325gp
2 Cure Light Wounds
1 Lesser Restoration
2 Fangberry Juice available on delivery of Fangberries, check back for information on the whereabouts.
3 Potpouri

IMPROVED! Potpouri Potion (20) 50gp/1
He makes this potion with the scraps and leftovers of his other potions at the end of the day.
Cures 1d6 HP
sickened for 3 after affects. Affects Last for 3 rounds
+2 Strength or +2 Dex your choice depending on ingestion methods instruction on the bottle!
+1 Attack at full BaB
-1 Con -think there was boar piss in this batch…

Label on the bottle reads:
All the leftovers from potion making rolled into one convenient draught!
Instruction: inhale through nose to feel strong as an ox, drink it down to feel as nimble as a cat!
Fangberry Juice (10) 25gp/1 (last one in stock until Fangberrys are replenished)
A red liquid resembling wine; acts as a potion of haste for 2
rounds, leaves fatigued for 1 round after.

Label on the bottle reads:
Get’s you where you need to go.
warning causes user to lose temporary bladder control in high dosages.


Brother bit ma finger.


Kingmaker Haldred