Another Falls

Session 3

14th of Gozran

Today we arrived at Oleg’s, to find him, as always, working on his roof. We restocked and set back out.

16th of Gozran

Deadeye has shined upon us. Today, we found the temple Jhod has dreamt of. It truly was in disservice: the holy pool was polluted with a thick slime, the large stone statue had been overgrown with vines, and the stone structure had seen the wear of time and weather. At the back of the temple was a cave, from which we could hear a heavy snoring: the bear from Jhod’s dream. Being the most trained with animals, Krom and I dismounted and approach the cave. Inside, we found the bear who was large, and of a sickly, unnatural color. It rose at our approach and bared its teeth. Something felt wrong, but regardless, I held forward my holy symbol and announced myself to be a servant of Old Deadeye, and told the bear to stand down. I felt very mighty as I said so, the grace of Erastil inside me, but the bear did not budge. Krom tried talking to it as he does, at which point the bear attacked us. I was caught by surprise, and mauled between the bear’s claws, but I found myself unharmed as the power of Erastil protected me. Strax and the other quickly came to our aid, and with no other choice, we put the bear to an end.

A strange thing happened as the bear gave its dying breath: I could swear I saw instead an old man, sighing in relief. When we returned to the temple proper, we saw the pool was no longer fouled, and the plants had pruned themselves as if by magic.

My heart soars for what Strax and I have been able to do for Deadeye on this day. I cannot wait to bring Jhod here.

18th of Gozran

We’ve gathered Bokken’s fangberries. When we returned to the patch, we found a pair of trolls stuffing themselves with the berries- we quietly slipped back into the woods and waited a few hours. With the alchemical items we bought from Oleg, we were able to exterminate the spiders, and pick the berries.

20th of Gozran

Deadeye is with us. Today, Strax and I brought Jhod to the temple. On our way, we came across 5 elk, who stared at us knowingly before darting off into the woods- truly, a sign from Old Deadeye. Jhod has taken up residence here, and has offered his magical services to us for free. He has truly returned to Erastil’s grace.

25th of Gozran

Much exploring. Today, Thalian brought me a new symbol of Erastil- this one made of much better wood and workmanship than my own handmade one from so long ago. It is a beautiful gift.

5th of Desnus

I rarely seem to write in this journal any more: so many days of exploring, I fall right asleep most nights. I am thankful for Strax’s warmth at night, cuddled up to me, while all my companions sleep alone in the cold (well, except Krom). Strax’s summer coat is beginning to come in nicely.

Today, we found a field of bear traps (and by find, I mean Vic walked into one). We spent the whole day disarming them, and loading them on to Madina for future use in fortification.

7th of Desnus

[Compared to the other entries, the penmanship on this page is horrible- barely any more legible than a scribble. Sentences are placed across the page at uneven intervals, and it looks as if the page was exposed to a light rain storm- the page is waterstained and much of the ink runs.]

Strax is with Erastil now. Shambling Mound… middle of the night… summoner, caught… Strax [someone has scribbled right through to the next page here] Strax saved him… he.. pulled under… Had to save Thalian… [Another large scribble here] With Jhod now.. Only bones, antlers left [scribble]

[The following has been added at the bottom, in the neat penmanship typical to the rest of the journal]

Strax watch over me. You will not be forgotten.


Favorite so far.

Another Falls

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