Another Falls
Session 3

14th of Gozran

Today we arrived at Oleg’s, to find him, as always, working on his roof. We restocked and set back out.

16th of Gozran

Deadeye has shined upon us. Today, we found the temple Jhod has dreamt of. It truly was in disservice: the holy pool was polluted with a thick slime, the large stone statue had been overgrown with vines, and the stone structure had seen the wear of time and weather. At the back of the temple was a cave, from which we could hear a heavy snoring: the bear from Jhod’s dream. Being the most trained with animals, Krom and I dismounted and approach the cave. Inside, we found the bear who was large, and of a sickly, unnatural color. It rose at our approach and bared its teeth. Something felt wrong, but regardless, I held forward my holy symbol and announced myself to be a servant of Old Deadeye, and told the bear to stand down. I felt very mighty as I said so, the grace of Erastil inside me, but the bear did not budge. Krom tried talking to it as he does, at which point the bear attacked us. I was caught by surprise, and mauled between the bear’s claws, but I found myself unharmed as the power of Erastil protected me. Strax and the other quickly came to our aid, and with no other choice, we put the bear to an end.

A strange thing happened as the bear gave its dying breath: I could swear I saw instead an old man, sighing in relief. When we returned to the temple proper, we saw the pool was no longer fouled, and the plants had pruned themselves as if by magic.

My heart soars for what Strax and I have been able to do for Deadeye on this day. I cannot wait to bring Jhod here.

18th of Gozran

We’ve gathered Bokken’s fangberries. When we returned to the patch, we found a pair of trolls stuffing themselves with the berries- we quietly slipped back into the woods and waited a few hours. With the alchemical items we bought from Oleg, we were able to exterminate the spiders, and pick the berries.

20th of Gozran

Deadeye is with us. Today, Strax and I brought Jhod to the temple. On our way, we came across 5 elk, who stared at us knowingly before darting off into the woods- truly, a sign from Old Deadeye. Jhod has taken up residence here, and has offered his magical services to us for free. He has truly returned to Erastil’s grace.

25th of Gozran

Much exploring. Today, Thalian brought me a new symbol of Erastil- this one made of much better wood and workmanship than my own handmade one from so long ago. It is a beautiful gift.

5th of Desnus

I rarely seem to write in this journal any more: so many days of exploring, I fall right asleep most nights. I am thankful for Strax’s warmth at night, cuddled up to me, while all my companions sleep alone in the cold (well, except Krom). Strax’s summer coat is beginning to come in nicely.

Today, we found a field of bear traps (and by find, I mean Vic walked into one). We spent the whole day disarming them, and loading them on to Madina for future use in fortification.

7th of Desnus

[Compared to the other entries, the penmanship on this page is horrible- barely any more legible than a scribble. Sentences are placed across the page at uneven intervals, and it looks as if the page was exposed to a light rain storm- the page is waterstained and much of the ink runs.]

Strax is with Erastil now. Shambling Mound… middle of the night… summoner, caught… Strax [someone has scribbled right through to the next page here] Strax saved him… he.. pulled under… Had to save Thalian… [Another large scribble here] With Jhod now.. Only bones, antlers left [scribble]

[The following has been added at the bottom, in the neat penmanship typical to the rest of the journal]

Strax watch over me. You will not be forgotten.

Divine Encounter
Session 2

3rd and 4th of Gozran
We have been blessed with a divine gift.

We rode after Krom into the forest. At first, his trail was hidden from us, but once Strax caught smell of the beginning, we were easily able to follow the path of broken branches and upturned earth. How long we rode this trail, I can’t remember. It felt like forever, with our minds jumping to all the things that could happen to a lone, distraught gnome in this place. Eventually, the we rode into a clearing, where we found our companion. He knelt before a pool of water surrounded by structures made of limbs and natural rocks- a temple to Gozreh (which we later discovered he made in his desperation). We tried speaking to him, but he only mumbled gibberish and refused to move. It was not until Thalian brought him the body of his companion that he returned to life. He wordlessly led Thalian to place the body among the structures. Then, Krom fell once more to his knees, looked to the sky and began to pray. My heart broke for him. I know no prayers of Gozreh, but I too fell to my knees and began to sing hymns of the wind and rain. I heard Thalian’s crisp voice join in as well, and from behind, the sorrowful dirge of a flute. Even Strax knelt before the altar. I knew Gozreh is a fickle god, but hoped if he denied one of us, he would accept another. I don’t know how long we stayed like that. The moon passed overhead, as did the sun. I began to worry, but committed that I would not rise until we had seen a sign.

Eventually, that sign came.

The pool dug by our companion began to glow. A wordless song began to hum through the air, and a entity composed of rushing water and howling wind rose from the pool. It had no discernible features, but I could literally feel its presence staring into Krom. It spoke to Krom, and although I do not know what was said, Krom seemed to understand. Overhead, a shadow passed, and then a large carrion bird descended to land next to the body of Krom’s companion. It looked at Krom, and their eyes locked like steel. Then, the wind and water being began to recede into the pool, and the singing stopped. The vulture broke eye contact and began to eat the body of Krom’s old companion. A weird sign, but Krom seemed overjoyed. We are blessed to have seen something like this.

5th of Gozran

After our divine visit, we were all exhausted, and returned to Places of Note | Oleg’s Trading Post. Upon arrival, I saw something that turned my stomach. Five men, clad in the military outfits of one of the houses of Brevoy. I recognized them as not belonging to my own, but I still felt very naked in sight of them (despite wearing my mask). I pulled up my hood and made an excuse to the group to stay outside the post for the day. Even if they are not directly affiliated with my past, word travels quickly. I noticed Thalian seemed very skittish about them as well, and he joined me in leaving the post. Something seems changed about him since yesterday.

I had much time to thing while hanging outside the Outpost walls, mainly about our purpose in these lands. It had been much easier to agree to take the lives of bandits when I was speaking with the swordlords miles away from here. It didn’t feel right to deliver death with my own hands. But I was reminded of a shepherd, who in order to protect his flock, must hunt and kill the wolves of the woods; or a farmer who takes the lives of hundreds of mice to protect his grain. Neither are considered ruthless or cruel, and neither are frowned upon by Old Deadeye. I took meaning in this. The bandits of these land are no better than the wolves or mice. They are worse, for they do so with knowing intent of harm. I will be the shepherd. I will be the farmer. I may not like it, but I must remove them.

6th of Gozran

After meeting up with the group today, Dodrick informed me who the five nobles were from the day before: a group of soldiers, led by a man named Kesten Garess. It seems he is a noble of the house Dodrick was adopted into, and as such, Dodrick knew him. He seemed to have no respect for the man when he told me so.

While I was gone, Sletvana had asked the group if we could grab some “moon radishes” while we were out. We traveled to the spot, and found the patch to be guarded by several kobolds. Not wanting a fight, we paid the kobolds for enough and returned to Oleg’s.

7th of Gozran

Mixed feelings today. Another man arrived today, the Jhod Khafkin who had been nearly excommunicated from the faith after he lynched an innocent man. I’ve heard tales of how aggressively this man is involved in his parish. So I was naturally weary. After seeing me to also be one of the faithful, Jhod told me his motives in coming to this harsh land. He had had a dream in which he saw a temple of Erastil in disarray guarded by a large, unnatural bear. He took as a sign from Old Deadeye- if he found the temple, it would allow him to redeem himself. Although weary, I understand redemption. I agreed to help him find it. Then, I suggested we go for a hunt: I would let him prove his honesty by the way he shoots his bow and dresses his deer. It was a successful hunt; together we were able to pull six bucks: one for sacrifice, five for meat. We may be able to trust this man.

When I had returned, Thalian informed us he had talked to Kestin and got a little more information out of him: it seems he is here searching for a mercenary named Sneed who had stolen all of the Free Irregulars money and then ran into the Stolen Lands. He offered us an array of high-quality weapons for his return, and we agreed.

10th of Gozran

Today we set out to find Bokken’s fangberries. Deadeye grant us safety.

11th of Gozran

Another day of travel and exploration. Today we found an old mine, which looks like it could be used by the swordlords with some work upfront. A lucky find.

12th and 13th of Gozran

To begin, last night was an interesting one. We made camp in the field. I was asleep, when I awoke to the sound of Vic’s flute. Exiting my tent, I saw him playing on his horse, eyes wide. Not fifty feet from him was a beast; half-man, half-wolf with claws like picks and mangy fur easily visible in the full moonlight: a werewolf. The creature sat dumbfounded, staring at Vic as he played his melody. Vic motioned for us to stay calm and mount up. We all nervously awaited the dawn for four hours, and Vic played the entire time, sweat beading at his forehead.

Finally, dawn broke, and with a grotesque series of contortions, the monster turned into a monster of another sort: one of the Stag Lord’s men. The pest did not make it far.

Later that day, we found the fangberry patch, but the whole thing was covered in a spider nest. Having nothing to exterminate them with, we resigned to head back to Oleg’s and properly equip ourselves.

Bloody Beginnings
Session 1

31st of Pharast
Today I began my work for the Swordlords of Brevoy- exploring the uncharted Stolen Lands and ridding them of their bandit presence. Strax and I traveled to a trading outpost owned by a gruff man named Oleg and his sweet, cheery wife Svetlana. Here we met the others who had been hired by the Swordlords. They are:

  • Vic, a traveling half-elf musician, who plays a strange flute carved into the handle of his sword. He also appears to know his way around a spell or two.
  • Krom, a gnomish druid who rides a roc instead of a horse. He is also a follower of Gozreh, which made me think our ethos would align. However, Krom has no tolerance for any kind of civilization, almost to a homicidal degree. I am trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, but the things he says worry me. I wonder how he got involved in this project.
  • Lowin, a merchant’s son and run-away noble. He is a practitioner of arcane magic, and has bound an entity from another existence to his will. I’ve heard him muttering prayers to Abadar- I can only hope he leaves that nonsense behind him, where it belongs.
  • Thalian, an elven swordsman with a large scar over his eye. He seems much more easy-going and talkative than any elf I have ever met, but avoids talking about himself at all.
  • Dodric Oakenfist, a dwarven monk who, strangely, is without a beard. His body is heavily tattooed, including a holy symbol of Iomedae on his back. He has been very vocal about his morals so far, and seems like the most trustworthy of the five.

We had not been there long when Oleg and his wife told us that bandits had been stealing and extorting them of their trade goods at the beginning of each month. They asked for our help, and Dodric and I quickly agreed to protect them. We have made our preparations for the night, and now just wait for the bandit’s arrival in the morning. I felt very confident in that moment agreeing to help, but now I’m not so sure. I can already feel the bile in the back of my throat from the bloodshed to come. I know I have to, but if it comes down to it, I’m not sure I can kill these men, bandits or not.

1st of Gozran
Old Deadeye! What a gruesome sight! The bandits walked right into the encampment, where we were waiting. We locked them in, like caged animals, and then slaughtered them. I only fired two arrows before I saw a man trampled like mud under Strax’s hooves. I will never forget that sight. My vision began to swim, and I had to take cover while my stomach emptied itself. I don’t remember much of the rest of the day. At some point, Thalian came to find me and lead me back to the group. I tried to pretend I was fine, but I don’t think he bought it. The group told me one of the bandits had told them about a nearby bandit camp, led by a woman named Kressle. The group told me the bandits belonged to a larger group led by a man they called the Stag Lord. Our group planned to find this next camp. I only wish I had their enthusiasm.

Later in the day, we began our task by exploring the land around Oleg’s. Not too far away, we found a hut where an old man named Bokken lives. The twitchy old man introduced himself as a seller of potions, and when we revealed our purpose to him, asked us to keep an eye out for any “fangberries” we might see. He also told us of his brother, who he had come into a row with. Bokken asked us to keep an eye out for him too. Bokken is definitely a strange man, but we have to work with what we have out here.

2nd of Gozran
Oh Gods, another gory day! We descended upon the river bandit camp. Strax, as before, charged into the action with an unseen bloodlust, and knocked the sentry out of his tree post. I saw him trampled under Strax’s hooves, that majestic fur covered in human gore. My stomach began to rise just as we were surrounded by ten more bandits. I remember very little from that battle, and I take that as a blessing from Erastil. I remember Strax falling to a well-shot arrow, and rushing to revive him with Erastil’s bountiful energy. I remember Krom’s eagle falling, and never getting back up. At one point, Krom and Dodric were fighting over the leader, Kressle, Krom wanting to kill her in revenge, and Dodric wanting her information. In the end, Thalian put an end to her life. Krom ran into the night, howling like a wild beast, tearing at his hair. I remember Thalian helping me onto Strax and taking off after him.

I understand the pain he must have felt. I could not bear to lose Strax.

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